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A business outing, a bachelor party or family gathering,  among friends,
a couple walk and a solo hike, Croc'Nature is at your service.

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Lavaux, my most beautiful love story...

Graphic designer turned shiatsu therapist,
passionate edible plants picker, UNESCO World Heritage guide, then a storyteller ...
Passionate about nature, I like to say that Lavaux is my most beautiful love story!
Lavaux Heritage Guide since 2013, active in wine tourism, I like to share my passions with you: the vineyard, its history, its flora, its fauna, its terroir, its vines and its wine makers.
Passionate about aromatherapy and edible plants, I also lead gourmet gatherings.

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Thank you for a wonderful day! You're such a great guide.
You familiarised us with the area in such a short time!


Thank you again for the wonderful tour you have delivered to our team.
We've enjoyed it a lot


Anne, our wine tour guide in the Lavaux region is a gem! It was so nice to have a private tour, and she was very flexible, very informative, social, easy to talk to.  

croc'nature services and prices

In Lavaux

Base price for a simple hike of 1h - 2h
From 1 to 15 people (group rate)
from Chf. 200.- (shared by the participants)

1/2 day (3-4h)
from Chf. 350.-

1 day (4-8h)

from Chf. 500.-

Per additional hour
Chf. 60 .- / h


From 16 participants, a second guide is appointed.
The transport costs to the place of departure are your responsibility. Tastings, small tourist trains, meals, etc. are billed separately.

gourmet pickings

Base price for a gourmet picking
and outdoor aperitif.

Groups of 6 min - 10 max.
From chf. 70.- per person, drinks included

1/2 day (3-4h)

Base price for a gourmet picking
and preparation of a full meal, drinks included.

Groups of 6 min - 10 max.
From chf. 110.- per person

1 day (7-8h)